Monday, July 30, 2012


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The name, Virginian railway Heritage Trail, is a registered trademark and may not be used for profit.  The logos and signs of the Virgiian Railway Heritage Trail was copyrighted - Aubrey Wiley 2012.
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The success of this endeavor to share knowledge of the Virginian Railway and thereby making it easier for fans to visit sites along the railroad is due to the willingness of many people to go out on a limb and try something new. Add a touch of trust to the enthusiasm and throw in much time and hard work.

The first person I will recognize for supporting this project is my wife and best friend, Charlotte Wiley. Friends, both old and new, include: Gerry Albers, Tommy Arthur, Doug Bess, Rev. Randy Black, Frank Bongiovanni, M. Kent Brinkley, G. H. Brown,  Jim Brown, Harry Bundy, Ed Burnett, Jeb Burnett , Bobby Davis, Charles Edwards, Greg Elam, Patty Eller, Billy Ellett, Bev Fitzpatrick, Watt Foster, Kenneth Fox, Jeff Hawkins, Chislain Hunter, Scott Greathouse,  Jimmy Harden,  Mitchell Haugh, Paul Higgs, Ross Hunter, William H. Johnson,III, Colin Kellam, James A. Kincaid, Ben Kitchen, Carol Lawless, Charlie Long, Les Marsh, Tom Marshall, Roger Martin, Ken Miller, Ken Patterson, Samuel Phillips, Heather Reynolds, Robert Robinson, Ed Ross, J. Howard Spencer, Steve Summers, Charlie Towne,  Simon van de Laak, Jerry Waters, Delbert Whitlow and John Zuro.  The Virginian Railway Heritage Trail historical marker signs were made by Signs By Tomorrow - Lynchburg, Va.

The expenses of the Heritage Trail Historical Markers were borne by the following supportive  companies, organizations and individuals:  Sebrell - Kent Brinkley in memory of Staley Butler Brinkley, Sr., Terminal Trainmaster & General Yardmaster of Roanoke yard; Suffolk – Suffolk Seaboard Station Museum; Victoria – Town of Victoria; Phenix - Charlotte & Aubrey Wiley; Brookneal - Ed Burnett; Altavista -  Town of Altavista;  Virginia Museum of Transportation – VMT; Roanoke Station - Roanoke Chapter N.R.H.S.; Merrimac – Montgomery County; Narrows - Town of Narrows; Glen Lyn – Town of Glen Lyn; Princeton – Princeton Railroad Museum; Mullens – Tom Marshall;  Slab Fork – William H. Johnson III in memory of five VGN relatives; Deepwater - Gerry Albers and assistance from Colin Kellam and Roger Martin; C&O and VGN Station - Matt Crouch. Thank you for your support!  –  Aubrey Wiley

The Virginian Railway Heritage Trail blog cover picture shows an eastbound train approaching the 460 highway overpass at Pearisburg, Virginia. Celco is just out of sight around the curve. The locomotive is number 128, a class EL-2b electric, and the date was July 20, 1955. The picture is from the collection of John Zuro. Unless otherwise noted, other pictures were either taken by Aubrey Wiley or from his collection.  All pictures are copyrighted.

Visit the web site made by the VIRGINIA TOURISM CORPORATION which recognizes the Virginian Railway Heriatge Trail and  recommends it to visitors to the state.